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How to send emails anonymously
Anonymous emailing, remailing or Prank emailing as it is more commonly known, is a type of system that allows a user to send emails while concealing or protecting their Identity, rendering such emails untraceable. The system involves a server computer that obtains instructions on where to... read more >>>

Should the internet be regulated by legislation
The internet has come to be one of the most significant pillars of information technology in society today; it is quickly expanding and it is and will continue to remain a very relevant part of numerous individuals lives, and how can it not be, when it is seen... read more >>>

What are the benefits of prank emails
Since it has been disclosed that prank emails are a system through which one can send emails anonymously and without them being traced back, remailer servers are a link between you and... read more >>>

Does email marketing work?
Email marketing is simply sending an email to a current or would be customer to communicate a commercial message with the intention of; developing a business relationship between a business and its customers, previous or existing and enhance customer devotion... read more >>>

Is it legal to inform a husband that his wife has been cheating
Infidelity or adultery in simple terms is when a married man or woman engages in sexual activity with a person other than their marital spouse, marriages and homes, infidelity is illegal in some countries, namely in Muslim states, in many cultures it is looked... read more >>>

Understanding email headers
An email header is a notification displayed on a message page that informs you who the sender of the email received is (i.e. the name and address of sender). Unfortunately not every header will give correct information... read more >>>

Why should we hold several email accounts
In our day and age it is not uncommon to find people holding multiple email accounts, what with globalization and networking today, the world has become a mere village, this means that a person in Russia can communicate and interact with a person in Australia, or a person in Indonesia can conduct... read more >>>

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