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Infidelity or adultery in simple terms is when a married man or woman engages in sexual activity with a person other than their marital spouse, marriages and homes, infidelity is illegal in some countries, namely in Muslim states, in many cultures it is looked upon as a grave offense, it has been a time old taboo, which continues to wreck several marriages and homes.

Why do people cheat?

Reasons for cheating are vast and more often do not have a rhyme or reason, there are however some issues that do drive people to cheat and can surely be highlighted, if a person is in a frustrating marriage, and there is no harmony, they tend to look for peace in the arms of another individual, if one of them especially the man cannot procreate, and the other so desperately wants to have children, some are sex addicts, they are sick and cannot help it, while others simply have insatiable lust in them.

Why should the truth come out?

The truth shall set us free, these words have a heavy relevance, although finding out that a loved one has been lying to you is not easy and probably the last thing you want to do, it would be of great significance to your life if at all you did, so its necessary to ease your mind, to get closure and focus on more important things in your life, another reason is so you can have reasonable grounds to file for a divorce, but the most important should be to self examine and to get your life into perspective, rather than live your life miserably and end up despising yourself, it should be a step towards progress.

There are legal outcomes surrounding adultery, especially when divorce is involved, it can be a basis for divorce, property settlement and can even have an effect on the children’s status, if any. However it is not clear whether the means used to obtain knowledge of infidelity are regarded, for example if a husband hires a private investigator to follow up on his wife, he very well might be breeching her constitutional right to privacy, this might count for something should the wife would choose to sue. Therefore with an issue weighing with such gravity, and with such dire outcome, it would only be right to say informing a husband about his wife’s infidelity would assist a legal process such as divorce, and probably isn’t illegal to do so.


Countries differ in the way their jurisdiction handles infidelity and divorce, but if we put it in a crude manner, a person has a right to life, and if a spouse exposes their life to danger with their infidelity e.g. exposing them to dangerous diseases such as HIV/AIDS, then the concerned party has every right to know, there shouldn’t be anything illegal about it, if anything it should be a way to protect a persons constitutional rights.

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