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In our day and age it is not uncommon to find people holding multiple email accounts, what with globalization and networking today, the world has become a mere village, this means that a person in Russia can communicate and interact with a person in Australia, or a person in Indonesia can conduct business with a person in Peru, the possibilities are endless. The internet has made communication a readily available implement; therefore it comes as no surprise that owning an email account is quite necessary and more so several for the sake of convenience. Therefore in what ways can multiple email accounts be of benefit to us?

For convenience

Sometimes there can be technical malfunctions with an Internet server, it probably cannot authenticate when trying to send mail, poor setup on a client, or simply that the server cannot access the computer because of being in a remote location. In such instances one would be forced to look for the next functional client, for example if you are a yahoo user and happen to be in a location where yahoo is inaccessible or performing poorly you would look for another option like hotmail, but if you don’t have an account with hotmail, then the situation can get rather frustrating for you, in this situation owning at least one account from each client would have been of benefit.

Help us characterize and distinguish

Supposing you want to setup a business of your own or say a company, it would be wise to assign a separate email account other than your personal one to conduct your business, for one it would be the professional thing to do, as definitely you would want to give out an email address that sells or advertises your business as opposed to giving out an address that has your personal information on it. It would also be of benefit to you if for instance the very account has to be accessed by another party, say an employee or business partner, since it is a business account and not a personal one you don’t have to worry about your privacy being contravened.

For caution

When wanting to explore a certain website that we know nothing about, it would be a good idea to give a dummy email address and not personal one when logging into the prospective website, hence concealing your identity and protecting you from receiving harassing emails from spammers, spoofers (people who send malicious emails to cause damage to a person or organization) and phishers (criminals who try to obtain users information e.g. bank account numbers to conduct their criminal activities).


All the above motives are just but a chunk of the reasons why people nowadays prefer to operate several email accounts, they are a constant reminder of how electronic mailing has come to be an integral part of our lives but just like any other piece of technology we should use it wisely and cautiously and it will be of essential advantage to our lives.

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