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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply sending an email to a current or would be customer to communicate a commercial message with the intention of; developing a business relationship between a business and its customers, previous or existing and enhance customer devotion, obtaining new customers, or encourage a customer to procure an item instantaneously.

What are the advantages?

You are guaranteed a definite delivery of your advertisement to your targeted market, and the time it takes for the message to be delivered is
short (within seconds) as opposed to snail mail advertising which takes far much longer, with a mailing list you are able to distribute your emails to an extensive number of potential customers and at a low cost. If you compare it to other modes of advertising e.g. Newsletters, brochures, direct mail, electronic media (radio, television), you can easily follow up on your investment returns, with email advertising you are able to push the idea to the customer rather than relying on a consumer to visit your website, An advertiser is easily able to track messages and users via mechanisms such as auto responders or click –through, they can help rate responses and compare transaction with marketing. Email marketing lacks the hassle of papers, in other words it is environmentally friendly. You can advertise and conduct business repeatedly and automatically and at an affordable rate,

What are the disadvantages?

Interference from spammers who send bulk emails makes email advertising a strain, messages frequently get filtered out they tend to make users weary of messages they may receive and ultimately they end up ignoring them altogether. Criminal spammers posing as legitimate marketers, they do this with the intention of soliciting personal information from individuals and later robbing them or causing serious damage. Spam has contributed to some web applications and users mistaking legitimate email advertisements for bulk mail.

What to do

If you are an established and legitimate email marketer it will be helpful to build a system where you approach a user, this system requires a user to confirm your request for information to be sent to them, the user will click on an unsubscribed link that has an identification number that affirms their acceptance to receive information, create a mailing list that you can directly be in control of and be in contact with the recipients, this way the information mailed is already foreseen, and that it is actually relevant to the recipient. It would also be best if you tried as much as possible to make your advertisement stand out as opposed to being similar in features with an already existing spam, so many people dismiss emails just from sight.


All in all after weighing both the advantages and disadvantages, it is worth saying that email marketing can work, just like any other venture it has to have its challenges but it is a worthy venture, especially because it is a gateway through which you can reach so many people with, it is indeed a marketing conqueror.

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