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Since it has been disclosed that prank emails are a system through which one can send emails anonymously and without them being traced back, remailer servers are a link between you and the other party, therefore in what way can they be of benefit to you?

No pay

For a service that is reliable and confidential, you would expect that there is a fee you would have to discharge right? Wrong, you do not need to pay a single penny. It is absolutely free.

Raising an alarm or warning

this can be anything from tipping off the police about any illegal activity you have witnessed, reporting a disturbing issue to your boss,( for example, the insubordination or immoral behavior of a workmate at the workplace), to informing the Tax authorities of tax cons or evaders, whatever the case, you can go about it in the utmost secrecy without compromising your Identity and in some cases your safety and wellbeing.

To capture an unfaithful spouse

when you have that doubt in the back of your head and that constant nagging feeling that something is wrong, and you have tried in vain to communicate with your loved one, but they just wouldn’t come out and be honest with you, and you really want to know the truth about your partner, this would probably be the best tool to use to ease or settle your predicament.

Political incitement

if you reside in an area where there is political tension or unrest and feel the need to express your political views to people both within and out of the community, then you can get your views across without fear of retribution. Job hunting; Should a person decide to search for a new job, there are numerous job boards out there where one can post their resume on, but should the Human Resources management at the current place of work scan the job boards and discover you are job hunting then you risk loosing your job. Using an Internet remailer in this case allows you to secretly target and apply for jobs without being exposed. You won’t have to worry about the boss finding out what you are doing.

For fun and games

You can spice up your life by fooling around and playing practical jokes on your friends, loved ones or acquaintances.


If for one reason or another your email has been blocked or banned by the person, you can still persist and send them an email.


Internet remailers and prank emails can be compared to phones with anonymous calling elements, In the beginning when phones were new to us ,people were not aware of the callers identity, unless the caller disclosed it, so the same principal should apply to the internet, people can now enjoy the same anonymity service as they do with the telephone. Whatever the reason for using them,Prank emails are fun, reliable, private and will never fail to live up to your expectations.

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