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What is Anonymous Emailing?

Anonymous emailing, Remailing or Prank emailing as it is more commonly known, is a type of system that allows a user to send emails while concealing or protecting their Identity, rendering such emails untraceable. The system involves a server computer that obtains instructions on where to send received messages without revealing their origin -every byte of information dispatched is obscured by encryption.

This server computer is known as an Anonymous Remailer. Remailing services is a rather new venture, but is rapidly gaining popularity especially, with the need for more private interactions among people

How does Anonymous Emailing work?

There are various ways in which a Remailer works depending on how the creator or owner intended it to perform or is influenced by the legal guidelines that govern their locale, whatever the procedure taken, the process all boils down to the same thing- different processes same results. When surfing the net or emailing, data is usually transferred back and forth between the sender and recipient, containing the IP addresses of the parties involved, however, should the IP source address be altered and falsified, then it would be impossible to trace the origins of the data.

The basic way of sending an anonymous email is as follows, the best thing to do is pick a reliable remailer service provider, they should have a simple input form that you need to fill on their webpage, in the form include the recipients email address, the intended subject, and then your message, just as you would fill in a normal email, make sure to fill the minimum required fields, click on the send or submit button, this activates a script that lays out the information you have fed it and sends it to the final recipient, removing any links to you.

Why use proxy service when sending anonymous emails?

A proxy server is an application program that receives requests to filter and carry out precise tasks such as, tracing a web page, file or other internet material available from another server or computer. So why use a proxy server then when sending anonymous emails? So that the machine used to send any information anonymously cannot be traced, to control or filter some web content, to find a way around security controls, to evade area restrictions among others. Whenever you go online your computer is assigned a specific address known as an IP address, which is something similar to a P.O box, this is necessary for information to be sent straight to it at your command, therefore it is quite easy for you to be tracked this way. The users IP address can tell, which internet service provider the individual is using e.g. ATT, and can also give your physical location, the actual name of the user might be hard to divulge, therefore it is best for a person to use an Internet /Cyber café when sending anonymous emails.

Abuse of Remailer services

Some individuals are bound to use remailer service for their own malicious interests like, invading privacy, fraudulent transactions, terrorism the list goes on, but internet regulators are on the look out for such activities.

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