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The relevance of internet in today’s society

The internet has come to be one of the most significant pillars of information technology in society today; it is quickly expanding and it is and will continue to remain a very relevant part of numerous individuals lives, and how can it not be, when it is seen as a blend of an entertainment centre, a library, a global notice board, a post box, an information hall, a chat line, a banking entry, and a shopping hall, more or less the things that dictate how the world revolves today,

Why does legislation regulate?

Policy makers have the mandate to control certain issues by law in order to govern a society while at the same time protect every individual’s rights and interests. Some of the key issues they look at when deliberating internet regulations are; Online property rights (e.g. Internet taxation, digital certificates,), online content (e.g. Violence, language, sex and nudity), this is in the interest of protecting minors from harmful content, and online crime (issues such as credit and fraud, terrorism, copyright theft, prostitution among other things)

Importance of free internet to the individual

The internet is a great threshold of interaction, with people looking to it to satisfy their developed IT wants and needs, therefore Individuals interests and rights should be respected and protected, and the traditional edict of a person’s dignity and privacy should be upheld and revered. One should be able to explore the virtual world, learn from it and interact without the fear of having their personal space violated; it is a despairing feeling for a user to learn that their privacy has been contravened. With studies and analysis’s revolving the internet and its control conducted, it is worth noting that the more people became familiar with the internet, its function and the concerns surrounding its regulation, they were more likely to verbalize their opinions and maintain that users should be able to supervise and control internet content themselves.


The question of whether the Internet should be regulated or be left to develop without conformation is a topic that has sparked and continues to raise heated debates amongst Legislators, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals of interest among others. While about three-quarters of the masses would like some form of internet content regulation, a great number concurrently does not see how that sort of order could be realized. It would be unfeasible to try and regulate what would be, indispensable private claims with the same authority as would be needed to control public applications, not forgetting that unlike other communication networks regulating the internet would be rather cumbersome because it is so infinite and global, and even if one tried it is just impossible, a programmer once said, that the internet actually interprets any kind of censorship as damage and actually evades and routes about it, furthermore censorship software are quite rudimentary in their execution and sometimes end up blocking access to some useful sites, so all in all the legislators should not be so quick to regulate, there are actual repercussions for doing that, that affect so many.

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