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Before contact us you can find frequently asked questions here. Please make sure you couldn't find answer below becuase we will not reply emails which are already replied here.

Question1: Your service adds a header signature to every message stating it is a prank message, this really kills the prank as the person will eventually read and understand. Can you remove that ?
reply: We can't remove, but you can remove it... Buy a membership from us. Click here for buy a membership $24 for a 7-Day or $199/year 

Question2: Can I send attachments (attaching documents) if I sign up to be a member?
reply: Absolutely NOT. Being a paid member only removes texts nothing more. In other words: mail attaching is not provided to paid members as well as free members.

Question3: Is renewal automatic, or do I have to confirm it?
reply: There is NO automatic renewals on our system. When your account is expired you can renew it by making another payment. Just let us know after renewal payment.

Question4: Can I get reply for the emails that I am sending ? I do not want the person to see my personal email address but I want him to see the email address that I put in the "SEND" box. When he hits reply, it will come to my personal email address. It is something like craigslist.org does by masking your personal email address.
reply: Technically YES, but logically NO. Since you are typing someone else's email id, how do recipient send reply to you? Recipient will click reply button and that email will looks like the US President Biden's official email [email protected]. Reply message will go to that provided email address for sure.
(In this case President Barack Obama will officially have it. )

Question5: When ever I send an e-mail, my letter goes straight to the junk mail (spam folder) and what if recipient can't see my email ?
reply: That's because several emails sent out from this service everyday. Every recipient server has different kind of rules and filtering system. Some may detect some words and treat as a spam and some may detect and control dns records. Most of the time recipient email address receives the emails to their INBOX, if you send email to yourself , this is usually treated as spam.

This is happens at recipient server end, there is nothing we can do at our end. Our suggestion: Only send 1 email at a time and 1 email in every 30 minutes to same destination.

Question6: I sent email to myself but I couldn't receive, please refund ?
reply: Before you scream, we wish you were understood the features of our service. Most of the time sending email to yourself goes to the spam box or deleted by the recipient mail server. If this is AOL then you may 100% sure of that. Moreover we do not guarantee any email sent out through our server to be delivered to the INBOX, this is the first issue of our deal between us.

Question7: I get 500 Internal Service Error, why is that ?
reply: There are several reasons that causes this error.
1 - Make sure you wrote correct email format. If the recipient email address is invalid you may get this error.
CORRECT: [email protected]
WRONG: [email protected]

Usually domain part should be Top Level Domain, NOT subdomain.

2 - If your message's body part is too long then you may have this error too. Think that your message can contain almost 1000 words.

3 - Before you decide that there is a scripting error, try sending email several times. Give space like 20 min. between every try. There is no need to contact us even if you tried 4-5 times because we could have already aware of it.

4 - Our database back up system works time to time to back up the user data. If this is the case then DB will be ready only for 15 min. and you may have chance to receive this error too. Solution: Take a coffee, review your message once again and try to send it again...     

Question8: My messages are not appearing in correct format. Can I send Chineese texts, do you support Arabic, What about Korean letters?
reply: Absolutely NOT. We do not support any other language(s). You can only send English messages and if you are lucky enough other languages may also appear properly.

Question9: Is your service legal ?
reply: Our service is 100% legal until you send legal emails. To learn more about legal emails please check this link... legal emails

Question10: Is your service completely anonymous ?
reply: If you are a paid member, yes it is anonymous. There is no further signature on paid member's email sending pages.

Question11: We received email and this made a lot of financial loss to our company, don't you(anonymailer) feel guilty ?
reply: NO, Not guilty but we feel sad. This website is very useful for majority but it's a pain for minors. Sorry for your loss, please be more careful next time. 

Question12: What if a police investigation asks you IP address, can they find me ?
reply: With a 85% possibility, they can find you. Even if you use a proxy service before connecting to our web site. So don't do anything illegal, don't send scams, don't send emails to your president and prime minister.

Question13: What is proxy ?
reply: In communications, a proxy is something that acts as a server, but when given requests from clients, acts itself as a client to the real servers.

Question14: Do you support attaching files?
reply: Even if you are paid member our system do not allow you to attach files to your emails. This is email script not rapidshare.com

Question15: Do you have affiliate system, bulk register discount, reseller or whatever you call it?
reply: Yes we have it. Contact us for details. We have up to 50% discount and your min. budget shuold be 1000$

You can't find reply to your question...
You have a special one and very complicated...
contact us
I don't know...Lacks privacy. The fact that each mail is recorded, or that someone might sneak into your mail just drains the fun of being anonymous as it name suggests. In some ways, because of that, I'd prefer to set up a fake email address with a humorous or "pranky" ID e.g. [email protected] I think that would be much better. In fact, it is better! Come to think of it, who will ever realize that true identity? Or whoever will bother with it anyway. It will just be received and built up as a spam mail on the recipients mail. So, I am still ambivalent on whether to rate it on a much lower level as i have already done. I should, but I don't want the high hopes of the current mail users to get faded and die. Nevertheless, their graphics are much poor as compared to other mails I have used before.
Janet Dupree
Aviation Dept., Switzerland

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