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Alias: An abbreviated link(URL) that is distinguished in some fashion from other links(even if they go to the same web site.) An alias allows tracking of which message contained the link the user clicked on. An alias might be as simple as italicized text in the body of an e-mail.

B cc (Blind Carbon Copy): A copy of an email message sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear in the message. There is typically a field to enter this option under the field for the primary email address.

Blacklist: This is a list of email addresses and/or IP addresses of spammers. Blacklists are used to completely block mail at the server, so that it never reaches its intended recipient. Instead of relying solely on a spam filter, a blacklist blocks it before it even gets there.

Bounces: These are messages that do not reach their intended destinations. There are "hard" and "soft" bounces. A Hard bounce is the result of an invalid email address, while a soft bounce is from temporary situations, for example from an overloaded in-box.

Cc(Carbon Copy): A carbon copy is a copy of an email sent to an addressee other than the main addressee. This option is usually the secondary field under the main address field. This applies to both web mail and SMTP clients.

DNS: Domain Name Server (or system): An Internet service that translates domain names into IP(Internet Protocol) addresses. It divides a word such as Google into a series of numbers, divided by decimals, so that each visited site has its own unique assigned number.

Domain name: A name that identifies a single or a group of IP addresses. They always have a minimum of two parts that are separated by dots(Google). The left, and more specific part of the domain, is the second-level domain. The right, more general section is the top level domain.

Email harvesting: An often illegal practice in which one uses a program to scan Web pages for the purpose of collecting email addresses to spam. These programs dig into the Web page to find out who has visited and then collects their email addresses and stores them, usually sending them to a certain individual or group.

Email marketing: The consensual use of email lists to deliver marketing campaign literature. Most times, those that get these types of emails will have signed up in advance to ask for them.

Email headers: The section of an email message that contains the sender's and recipient's email addresses as well as the routing information. It is located at the top of the original email sent to a recipient. I will show everywhere the email has been.

False Positive: An accidentally rejected or filtered piece of legitimate mail that gets caught in a spam filter. Unless a recipient checks their spam folder, or puts the sender on a white list, this problem can be recurring.

Helo: A HELO is essentially a server's way of saying "hello". It is regarded now as obsolete and most mail clients use EHLO now, which means "extended Hello". It is used to determine the originating server and pings another computer with a signal, so it is known by the user that they have mail.

Local host: The computer to which a user's terminal is directly connected, and which the email comes from.

Mime(Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions): An extension of the email standard that allows users to exchange text, audio or visual files in a short amount of time.

Open Relay: Third-party relaying of email messages though a mail server. Often used by spammers to hide the source of their large volume mailings.

Plain text: Text in an email message that contains no formatting elements(ie: color, bold, italics, etc.), pictures, or HTML.

Pop3(Post Office Protocol): A protocol used to retrieve email from a mail server and deliver it to a mail client program.

Proxy: A computer system or router that breaks the connection between sender and receiver, giving anonymity.

Re mailer: A company that forwards e-mail anonymously, stripping out the sender's name and e-mail address.

Reverse Dns Lookup: The process of looking up and translating an IP address into a domain name.

Sender Id: An authentication protocol used to verify that the originating IP address is authorized to send email for the domain name declared in the visible "From" or "Sender" lines of the email message.

SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): A protocol used to send email on the Internet. SMTP is a set of rules regarding the interaction between a program sending email and a program receiving email. These can include, but are not limited to filters and special folders.

Snail mail: USPS mail, delivered to your home in paper format via postman.

Soft bounces: Occurs when you try to send email to someone who has a full in-box, or a site is doing maintenance or some other temporary occurrence that causes the intended email to bounce, and requires resending.

Spam: Unsolicited, unwelcome email sent out in large volumes to many email addresses at once. Spam can also be sent several times to the same address.

Spoofing: A method used in conjunction with spamming whereas the spammer finds a way to falsify the sending email address, so as to not be detected.

Tracking: A method used in email marketing. It counts clicks on advertised sites, and also how many times a Web page is opened.

Web mail: Web mail (or Web-based e-mail) is an e-mail service intended to be primarily accessed via a web browser.

White list : A list of pre-authorized email addresses from which email messages can be delivered regardless of spam filters.
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