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I like the speed; almost instant!!! Anonymailer passes the test! I have just sent a prank mail to myself just to see how fast anonymailer delivers. I just clicked, and I just saw! Amazing! Isn't it? Anonymailer will work for me on Halloween when I send scary mails to my mates. They'll get the mail almost instantly on their phones and if they are dumb enough to reply, I'm going to play along till I get them wetting their pants, and I am going to do all this while seated next to them. They won't know what hit them, maybe till they suspect suspicion in me. I sure hope none of them already knows about anonymailer, though I'll show it to them after it's all over and pray they don't kill me after they find out. Again-- am sure they won't find out-- how would they?? I mean, its anonymailer-- it doesn't get more anonymously cool than this (that is actually a complement by the way).

I love anonymailer, this Halloween's going to be the best! All of you should join in the fun and let's trick or trick all the way! Thank you guy who invented! You rock!
Swetlana Okello
Brand Manager, Ukraine

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