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Awesome! I totally pranked my school teacher...and mom...and friends. Best past time ever...

My father's the one who paid for me. This was after learning about it from my older cousin. She always has cool stuff to do and say. So one day I meet her sending mail, and she tells me to go away.

I don't go away though, and I see the site
When she left for the school, I put on the computer and sent my first mail. Awesome! It went right away. Had to wait thirty minutes though, for the next mail. But my cousin Lucy come again in those minutes. Thought she was going to kill me, but she instead taught me more about the site, as well as what was necessary to keep sending mail.

I go to my father, tell him to fix me an account, but he tell me to pass my grades first. So I did, and there you have it. I'm on Anonymailer. Hope you aren't my next target!
Tom Middleditch
Mortgage consultant, UK

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