What Should You Do About Email Headers?
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What is an email header?

An email header is a notification displayed on a message page that informs you who the sender of the email received is (i.e. the name and address of sender). Unfortunately not every header will give correct information about the origins of the message; it is for this reason that we need comprehend headers and their functions.

Reasons for understanding email headers

It is important to recognize, that not every person who uses the internet or sends out a message has good intentions, with software and internet whizzes becoming increasingly sophisticated in their executions, there continues to be a rise in criminal activities such as, spamming; this is when certain individuals or groups hound you with unnecessary mail, these unwanted messages can be numerous to the point that they fill up your mail making one loose track of relevant messages, but thanks to certain software most of these messages are filtered out and you remain with the important mail. Regrettably, Spammers have found a way to overcome the filtering with a technique known as spoofing ; they tamper with the email headers, concealing their identity and altering it to look like another person sent the email, these individuals usually want to create some sort of chaos, for example in politics a political enemy may send out messages with the rivals address as the sender to try and slander his image, another notorious exploit is one known as phishing, a person poses as another party or company to try and obtain vital information from users such as their banking information, credit card information or even their own address. Character defamation, Identity theft, fraud all this are very dangerous and vicious attacks on a person and can have damaging and probably irreparable consequences.

What to do?

If you are being harassed or suspect you are being targeted you can take the following measures to try and control it, you can obtain a device that can verify or track down the origin of messages, but the best move is to track down the IP address of the sender, you can do this either manually or go to an IP tracking website, there you can type in The IP number into the input section and submit, doing it manually however is rather complex and would require a user to be knowledgeable with Dos commands. The IP address will be able to give you the identity of the internet service provider the person is using and an idea of the user's location


It is important to note that you might not always get the persons name, ISPS only give out such information under the request of a but you can at least narrow down your search. Always remember if at all someone is harassing you or you fear for your safety and all other options have failed to try and catch them or stop them from doing so, then you should report it and record a complaint with the authorities.

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The website seems to lag behind in terms of updating information which can be of use to both new and existing members. The lack of new information makes me wonder whether the site's management has any future plans of upgrading and developing the site in such a way as to improve on the available services and keep its members excited about the site's contents and offers.

There also seems to be a problem with the messages sent to my inbox. A friend of mine recently confessed to sending me some e-mails via the website but it seems the messages did not enter my incoming message folder. It is a great inconvenience if due to some technical problems related to the site, I get to miss out on the delivery of some of the e-mails sent.

I would appreciate it if you look into these particular issues.
Kim Finley
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